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Issues Relating to the Best E Cigs for Vapers

The opinion of other vapers helps in deciding the best e cigs, even though each has their unique individual preferences. The claims of manufacturers don’t have near the impact that recommendations by other vapers have. Manufacturers invest in research and development in order to determine what the market in the electronic cigarette industry is interested in.

Electronic cigarettes have made a big impact in helping smokers kick the habit of smoking. This happens because of meeting the individual preferences of users of electronic cigarettes. Some of the important things to consider in determining the best e cigs are:

• Nicotine Concentrations

Finding the right electronic cigarette brand is important for vapers to enjoy their experience. One aspect of that is the nicotine level. Nicotine levels in different electronic cigarette brands include:

• High – this refers to nicotine solutions with concentrations of 19 to 36 milligrams. This can be the starting level for those switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes.

• Medium – this level includes concentrations from 11 to 18 milligrams.

• Low – this level of nicotine is between 4 to 8 milligrams of concentration.

• Zero – this level is nicotine-free. It is for those who want to enjoy the psychological satisfaction of going through the motions of smoking without the nicotine.

• Flavors and Amount of vapor produced

The variety of flavors with electronic cigarettes compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes is another advantage. However, just having the greatest number of flavors is not the only factor when considering the best option of brands of electronic cigarettes.

Flavors include those like menthol, vanilla, cherry, coffee, and tobacco. Vapor production is also a consideration. The amount is important, but so is the quality. Part of quality is the fact that it stays odorless.

• Commitment to Packaging and design

Though not directly related to quality, the amount of commitment to packaging and to design of the device indicates the level of care manufacturers take in producing an excellent product. Starter kit prices vary. Being able to pay less for a quality device packaged attractively means more value for the money. Some of the packaging and design elements that indicate the best e cigs on the market follow.

• Choices of colors – This is the color of the battery. More color options means more individualization of preferences.

• LED tip colors – LED tip colors vary, and can allow the vaper to make a design statement. The more color choices the better.

• Cartomizer design – This e cigarette is a two-piece design that includes the battery and a cartomizer which combines the flavor cartridge and atomizer into one unit. Many vapers prefer this due to its simplicity.

• Three-piece design – With this design, the battery is one part of the device, with the atomizer and flavor cartridges being two separate units. This is preferred by vapers because of the ability to refill cartridges and get a larger variety of flavors.

• Battery Options

The battery is a very important consideration to vapers. It powers the electronic cigarette, activating the heating element. The amount of power of the battery determines the amount of vapor produced by the electronic cigarette. Important point about the battery includes:

• Puffs Per Charge – This is how many puffs a vaper can take before the battery needs to be recharged.

• Length Of Battery Life – This is the service life of the battery. It is determined by the number of times it can be charged before it has to be replaced.

• Battery Types– There are two battery type options. Automatic batteries sense the vaper’s puff and turn on and activate the heating element. With manual batteries, the vaper has to push a button to activate it.

These are just some of the things vapers need to consider in choosing the best e cig on the market.

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